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The Abraca-Fabulous is one of the amenities in Cosmo's Quickstop. Like all amenities, it can be installed along the outer wall of the Quickstop's large, central room. In campaign mode, the Abraca-Fabulous becomes available after the cut-scene where Dr. Quazar is introduced.

Using the Abraca-Fabulous[edit | edit source]


The Abraca-Fabulous is a low risk amenity that can generate a moderate amount of profit. Customers who want to use it will walk through the left side of the machine and follow the conveyor belt out to the other end while being beautified. Each use reduces the number of charges the Abraca-Fabulous has left, which is displayed above the central turn-key. If there are zero charges, awaiting customers will lose patience until it is recharged and an alert will appear on the alert bar displaying the Abraca-Fabulous icon.

To recharge the Abraca-Fabulous, you must approach the central turn-key and crank it using the input displayed on the tip screen. The blue gems surrounding the key will light up in a clockwise direction. Once they are all lit, an additional charge will be added and the lights will reset. Each charge takes longer to crank than the last.

Abraca-Fabulous Upgrades[edit | edit source]

Upgrades can be purchased with a Gold Star Sticker once the task has leveled up to an upgrade's corresponding number. Higher level upgrades often require a previous upgrade to be purchased as a prerequisite.

Beauty Upgrade A2.png

Linkage Optimization - Shuffling the order of the gear structures lets you store more cranks, 10 to be exact! Dumb luck or a stroke of genius? It’s probably both!

Beauty Upgrade B2.png

WD-40,000,000,000 - Spraying this all-purpose lubricant into the key socket lets you crank the turnkey faster than ever!

Beauty Upgrade C1.png

Power is Money! - Relaying the machine’s excess energy into the Quickstop’s power system nets you additional profit per use. More charges means more bonus money!

Beauty Upgrade C2.png

Beautify Me! - Beautifying yourself in the Abraca-Fabulous will refill the patience of every customer you help while beautified!

Abraca-Fabulous Lore[edit | edit source]

This automated beauty salon is excellent for those who need a quick and modestly priced makeover. It features a rapid washing and drying system accompanied by a perfume spritzer and a face-targeting makeup blaster. The precisely calibrated conveyor belt taxis customers through each station at a comfortable pace, providing them with a smooth and relaxing ride through the entire process.

The face-targeting makeup blaster is sophisticated enough to provide flawless application of foundation, blush, eye-shadow, and lipstick instantaneously to any species, even those who possess multiple faces. It is advised to remove any headgear one may be wearing before entering the salon as it can block the makeup blasting process.

In an effort to curtail reckless energy consumption in these environmentally conscious times, the Abraca-Fabulous is equipped with a turn-key style kinetic charging device. The panel above the turn-key displays how many uses the Abraca-Fabulous has left before it must be wound up again. The stylish glowing gems situated around the turn-key indicate how much progress has been made toward winding up enough energy for an additional use. Proactive employees should ensure there is always a sufficient number of charges left to keep up with customer demands.