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Cosmo is Morvin's uncle and the owner of Cosmo's Quickstop. He has recently employed Morvin to help him run his underwhelming space gas station referred to as "the family business." Cosmo continuously raises the bar for his nephew throughout campaign mode, demanding ever-increasing profits and the completion of various business related goals. As a reward, he gives Morvin Gold Star Stickers that can be redeemed for upgrades to the Quickstop's various features. Cosmo will also expand the Quickstop with additional amenities and larger floor plans as Morvin completes milestones throughout the campaign.

Cosmo Lore[edit | edit source]

Like most Frigtonians, Cosmo has a knack for customer service and opportunistic business ventures, making interstellar gas station management a natural career choice. While ambitious and charming as a youth, Cosmo's demeanor has gradually shifted toward complacency and sleaziness, turning his once busting Quickstop into an outdated, ho-hum enterprise. The lack of competition in this sector has allowed Cosmo to sit on his laurels for decades, changing his business model very little despite the ever-evolving universe around him. It's not until Dr. Quazar moves in next door that Cosmo begins to realize he will have to spruce up his space station to remain in business.