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The Gift Shop is one of the amenities in Cosmo's Quickstop. Like all amenities, it can be installed along the outer wall of the Quickstop's large, central room. In campaign mode, the Gift Shop becomes available after the cut-scene where Dr. Quazar is introduced.


Using the Gift Shop[edit | edit source]

The Gift Shop is a low risk amenity that can generate a moderate amount of profit. You must keep its shelves stocked with 3 different items by inputting commands at its central 3D printer. Customers who want to use the Gift Shop will randomly select one of the 3 items to buy. If that item's shelf is out of stock, the customer will lose patience until you restock it. You can enter commands to print several items at once, which are displayed on the print queue screen above the printer. The printer will stock any items in the queue until it is empty. This allows you to set up a chain of restocking commands for the Gift Shop to carry out while you tend to other tasks.

Gift Shop Upgrades[edit | edit source]

Upgrades can be purchased with a Gold Star Sticker once the task has leveled up to an upgrade's corresponding number. Higher level upgrades often require a previous upgrade to be purchased as a prerequisite.

Shelf Space - Installing wider shelves lets you store up to 6 of each product. Isn’t technology amazing?

Advanced Shelf Space - Installing even wider shelves lets you store up to 8 of each product! ISN’T TECHNOLOGY AMAZING?!

GiftShop Upgrade B1.png

Update Available! - Installing the latest firmware on the 3D printer allows it to work faster and remember up to 6 items in the print queue.

GiftShop Upgrade B2.png

1337 H4x0r! - Messing with the printer’s config file lets you print even faster and remember up to 9 items in the print queue! Too bad it voids the warranty.

GiftShop Upgrade C1.png

Aggressive Marketing - Displaying fresh new banner ads increases the perceived value of your stock. Customers will now buy multiple products at once!

Gift Shop Lore[edit | edit source]

These machines are a common sight in pitstops and tourist traps throughout the galaxy. Featuring a 3D printer, stocking arm, and shelving units, this device makes replenishing and stocking merchandise a breeze for overworked employees. Two advertising billboards on the shop’s back wall continuously cycle through promotional slides for available products. The machine’s computer stores officially licensed blueprints for the following items:

  • High-Four’s are a popular novelty for any customer who desires a quick boost in self-validation. Upon slapping the hand, participants are awarded with a personalized message congratulating them on a successful job they have completed recently. If the trinket’s mind-scanning ray does not detect anything worthy of praise, it simply says “I’d never leave you hanging!”
  • Space Globes contain a miniaturized holographic version of a specific location in space. Users can input coordinates to have the globe display any charted area of the galaxy in remarkable, real-time detail. While most tend to set their globes to a location that holds fond memories for them, they have been exploited by some for espionage.
  • Gleebert Dolls are all the rage! They are modeled after the ever-popular Gleebert character from the children’s show “Gleebert and Mutual Acquaintances.” Squeezing the squishy doll causes it to say one of 90,000 unique phrases that mainly revolve around the subjects of friendship, good hygiene, and the do’s and don’ts of terraforming volatile planetoids.