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The Glorp Room is one of the chores in Cosmo's Quickstop and appears to be analogous to the restrooms in present-day gas stations. Like all chores, it is permanently installed in your Quickstop. The Glorp Room is available from the beginning of campaign mode and exists in all of the Quickstop's floor plans. In the 4 dock floorplan, it is located on the west side next to the red docks. With 6 docks it is located on the west side next to the blue docks. In the 8 dock layout, there are 2 glorp rooms. One on the north side next to the red docks and one on the south side next to the blue docks. The alert bar signifies which Glorp Room needs attention with a red or blue version of the Glorp Room icon.

Using the Glorp Room[edit | edit source]

You must periodically clean the Glorp Room to keep it in usable condition. Once it becomes too filthy, customers who want to use the Gorp Room will lose patience. If the Gorp Room is too filthy to use, the alert bar at the top of the screen will display the Gorp Room icon until it is cleaned again. Customers will refuse to use the Gorp Room if you are inside it, therefore you should immediately leave after cleaning to give customers their privacy.

To clean glorp puddles, you must be in range of the puddle and alternate 2 inputs until it completely vanishes. Glorp puddles will highlight in bright green if they are in range. The Glorp Room will become sparkling clean once all the puddles are completely mopped up. The Gorp Room does not have to be sparkling clean for customers to use it. Often a quick sweep of the floor is enough if you are in a hurry. The stink lines coming from the Glorp Room door will become larger as the room gets filthier. This gives you a hint on whether it needs cleaning without having to enter the room.

The Glorp Room does not normally make any profit, but will generate a small amount of money with the One Customer’s Glorp… upgrade. Normally, customers who use the glorp room will spawn 1-2 glorp puddles. Certain challenge days will cause customers to spawn more. With the Common Courtesy upgrade, customers have a chance to spawn no glorp puddles.

Glorp Room Upgrades[edit | edit source]

Upgrades can be purchased with a Gold Star Sticker once the task has leveled up to an upgrade's corresponding number. Higher level upgrades often require a previous upgrade to be purchased as a prerequisite.

GlorpRoom Upgrade A1.png

Slop Bucket - Dipping your moptopus in highly toxic chemicals will make it much more effective! Now you can clean glorp with fewer clicks.

GlorpRoom Upgrade A2.png

Microfiber Suction Cups - Wrapping your moptopus’ tentacles in state-of-the-art shammies will make it more efficient than ever! Clean glorp with even less clicks!

GlorpRoom Upgrade B1.png

Isometric Exercise - Stretching your moptopus’ tentacles every morning will increase its range. Now you can clean more glorp puddles at once!

GlorpRoom Upgrade B2.png

It’s a Way of Life! - Letting your moptopus borrow Uncle Cosmo’s unused yoga DVDs has made it a fitness guru! It’s so flexible that it can clean 4, maybe 5 glorps at once!

GlorpRoom Upgrade C1.png

One Customer’s Glorp… - another Morvin’s treasure! Condensing glorp fumes into a combustible rocket fuel will net you a small profit for each use of the Glorp Room!

GlorpRoom Upgrade C2.png

Common Courtesy - Gently reminding customers to follow Glorp Room etiquette with pamphlets and posters will help reduce the overall scumminess of your facilities.

Glorp Room Lore[edit | edit source]

A common site in all habitable space structures, these rooms serve a very singular and unpleasant purpose: dealing with all forms of biological waste known colloquially as “glorp.” Glorp rooms have changed little over the centuries, offering a tried and true utilitarian approach to one of life’s most basic functions.

Three typical glorp disposal devices exist, toilets, urinals, and crushers. Toilets are the most typical, offering a reliable receptacle for a variety of situations. Urinals exist for those who are in a rush to void less solid materials. They often feature a cranial stabilization claw that attempts to prevent those with haphazard aim from making a mess. Crushers are available for the extreme cases of constipation that often accompany long distance space travel. Their brute force approach can assist in the evacuation of even the most stubborn bowels, although it often comes at the cost of broken bones and dislodged organs. The frightening sight of the crusher alone is often enough to loosen a tense glorp bladder.

Everyone knows the most effective method of cleaning glorp is with a hungry moptopus. Native to the now defunct planet of Frigtonia, these creatures have undergone thousands of generations of selective breeding, ultimately turning them into a highly efficient cleaning device. Moptopuses primarily consume glorp, which makes them a mainstay in any space janitor’s arsenal. Often attached to a long handle via suction cup, these creatures are obviously not very pleased with their lot in life judging by their grumpy expressions. Often showing passive resentment toward their owners, moptopuses are far too lazy and complacent to attempt any meaningful resistance.