Irene Snorgblaster

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Irene is a renown quality inspector who is tasked with conducting the customer satisfaction survey for Cosmo's Quickstop. She appears in the cut scene just before the Inspector Challenge day. She follows the player around through the various phases of the challenge and marks a strike against any mistakes the player makes. If too many strikes are made, the challenge will be failed.

Irene Snorgblaster Lore[edit | edit source]

Irene's acute perception and discriminating taste have made her the most notorious quality inspector in the quadrant. Her skills are normally reserved for larger chain franchises with high influence in the marketplace, but Cosmo's Quickstop falls under her intense scrutiny after Dr. Quazar informers her of the Quickstop's rapid expansion. She is both admired and feared by business owners across the galaxy since her reviews can make the difference between explosive popularity and abject failure.