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Jumpsuits are a type of Cosmometic item that you can unlock by completing special goals in campaign mode. Different jumpsuits can be worn by using the dresser in Morvin's room. Locked jumpsuits are displayed on the dresser's screen as a greyed out swatch until they are unlocked by completing the goal described below the icon. Jumpsuits can be equipped on both Morvin and Morv-0 if there is a second player. All of the jumpsuits are listed below along with their description and how to unlock them.

Unlocking Jumpsuits[edit | edit source]

Cosmo's Jumpsuit[edit | edit source]

Unlock - This is Morvin's default jumpsuit and is unlocked from the beginning of the game.

Description - A classic grease monkey's uniform featuring Cosmo's branding. It's 100% synthetic and cleans up easily with a hose!

Test Subject's Jumper[edit | edit source]

Unlock - Use the teleporters 80 times in one day.

Description - The tag says, "Think Tanks LLC - Putting brains in jars since 20X2."

Vintage Pinstripe Suit[edit | edit source]

Unlock - Only travel counterclockwise with teleporters while getting 4 or more combos.

Description - A swanky little number and an antique by the smell of it.

Tin Foil Coveralls[edit | edit source]

Unlock - Shock 75 people in a single day.

Description - This very uncomfortable body suit can put the most paranoid minds at ease with its unique ability to deflect harmful delusion rays.

Colonial Romper[edit | edit source]

Unlock - Earn over $800 in one day.

Description - It's just like the rompers the founding fathers wore!

Dayglow Speedsuit[edit | edit source]

Unlock - Stock 100 florbits in the vending machine.

Description - This thing is so bright you can hear it.

Red Contestant's Jumpsuit[edit | edit source]

Unlock - Have the glorp alert go off 10 times in one day.

Description - These stains look permanent.

Guard's Uniform[edit | edit source]

Unlock - Enter 20 correct lotto tickets in one day.

Description - Wearing this makes you feel powerful and authoritative.

Triassic Land Bush Suit[edit | edit source]

Unlock - Get the 2nd Directions kickback upgrade.

Description - Renders its wearer completely invisible… to dinosaurs.

Glorgrim Jammies[edit | edit source]

Unlock - Make $300 from Arcade in a day.

Description - The tag says, “Warning! Wearing this to sleep may result in night terrors, dream slugs, and eye boogers.”

McBitey's Uniform[edit | edit source]

Unlock - Perfect day with 30 seconds of dancing.

Description - And you thought running a space gas station was hard? Try working at a space diner!

Birthday Bash Suit[edit | edit source]

Unlock - Undock 6 docks within 3 seconds.

Description - You look like the Mayor of Candy Land.

Chompy Onesie[edit | edit source]

Unlock - Beat the first Boss.

Description - It almost smells like a real Chompy! *cough-cough*

Business Bug Attire[edit | edit source]

Unlock - Beat the second Boss.

Description - It’s in full compliance with office hive dress codes.

Sharky Drysuit[edit | edit source]

Unlock - Beat the third Boss.

Description - Keeps the wet in and the dry out. Mmm! Clammy!

Shoobie Apparel[edit | edit source]

Unlock - Complete Shoobie day.

Description - It’s covered in a very thin layer of mucus.

Reptilian Regalia[edit | edit source]

Unlock - Complete Reptilian day.

Description - Each color represents a different position in Reptilian society.

Nogwobbler Costume[edit | edit source]

Unlock - Complete Nogwobbler day.

Description - Adds 3 to all perception rolls while equipped.

Star Baby PJ's[edit | edit source]

Unlock - Complete Star Baby day.

Description - They are both cozy and fireproof.

Bot Jockey Stunt Suit[edit | edit source]

Unlock - Complete Bot Jockey day.

Description - Increases unicycling skill by 50%.

Prickle Rind[edit | edit source]

Unlock - Complete Prickle day.

Description - Don’t worry! We removed the spikes.

Marital Tuxedo[edit | edit source]

Unlock - ?????

Description - It smells like doves.

Cash Gremlin Leisure Suit[edit | edit source]

Unlock - ?????

Description - Nobody knows for sure, but many experts think the Cash Gremlin would wear something like this.