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Prickles are a species of customer that will begin to visit the Quickstop after completing the Prickle Day challenge in campaign mode.

Prickle Day[edit | edit source]

Prickle Day is one of 6 customer challenge days that occur in the campaign mode. Each one focuses on a newly introduced customer species that will begin appearing regularly in the Quickstop once the challenge day is completed. During a customer challenge day, only one species of customer will spawn and will feature a mechanic that is unique to that species. However, this mechanic will only apply during the challenge day. For example, every customer in Prickle day will spawn with only a half-filled patience bar.

News Ticker Text - Prickles across the galaxy are migrating to the Needle Nebula to participate in their annual pollination festival. These cantankerous cacti are notorious for their lack of patience, so expect to deal with short tempers. Oh, and bees! Expect lots and lots of bees!

Prickle Lore[edit | edit source]

Prickles are a cantankerous species of sentient cacti from the Needle Nebula. Their spiky bodies and grumpy attitudes have given them a reputation for being difficult customers to placate. Despite their grouchy temperaments, Prickles have a soft spot for space bees, forming a symbiotic relationship that can last a lifetime. When a Prickle comes of age, it sprouts a vibrant flower on the top of its head which releases special bee-attracting pheromones. Eventually a single space bee will claim the Prickle flower as its home and food source, defending its spiny companion should a threat ever approach.

Prickles live for a long time... a very long time. Some are said to be older than the beginning of intergalactic civilization. Most have been around so long that nothing seems new or interesting to them anymore, which is perhaps what makes them so ill-humored. Surprisingly, their longevity is enjoyed by their companion bees as well, leading to the theory that their flower pollen holds the secret to immortality. Despite countless studies and experiments, no one has ever concocted a life-sustaining serum that is effective on anything other than space bees.