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Shoobies are a species of customer that will begin to visit the Quickstop after completing the Shoobie Day challenge in campaign mode.

Shoobie Day[edit | edit source]

Shoobie Day is one of 6 customer challenge days that occur in the campaign mode. Each one focuses on a newly introduced customer species that will begin appearing regularly in the Quickstop once the challenge day is completed. During a customer challenge day, only one species of customer will spawn and will feature a mechanic that is unique to that species. However, this mechanic will only apply during the challenge day. For example, every customer in Shoobie day will move very slowly.

News Ticker Text - It’s vacation season on the snail planet, Kudos 9 and legions of Shoobies are sluggishly descending upon the galaxy’s hottest tourist traps. Expect long wait times when catering to the needs of these slow-moving sightseers.

Shoobie Lore[edit | edit source]

Shoobies are the epitome of a stereotypical tourist. They enjoy all things novel and their extremely short memory spans make almost anything seem like a new and remarkable experience. Most Shoobies supplement their poor memory by taking innumerable photographs to share with each other in boring, post-vacation slideshows. They are irresistibly drawn to knick-knacks, postcards, bumper stickers and any sort of tacky memorabilia they can get their nubby hands on. This makes them a favorite demographic for tourist trap proprietors, who can easily sell them the lamest of merchandise.

Their bulky bodies and slow meanderings can make them a real nuisance in crowded places or long queues, causing much irritation to other less patient species. Shoobies remain blissfully unaware of this criticism, or any insult for that matter, choosing to take nearly any negative remark as a compliment. Every so often and for reasons unknown, Shoobies leave a sticky trail of mucus in their wake, which can impede movement for any creature that steps in it. When confronted for this annoying and messy behavior, most Shoobies respond with something like, “Thanks! I made it myself!”