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The drive-thru Wedding is one of the curbside services in Cosmo's Quickstop. Like all curbside services, it can be installed in any of the outer docking bays. In campaign mode, the Wedding becomes available from after obtaining the 8 dock layout.

Using the Wedding[edit | edit source]

Like all curbside services, you must use the Wedding that corresponds to the customer's dock. Once at the Wedding chapel, you will be prompted to follow a series of inputs displayed on the screen in order to complete the Wedding ceremony. Starting with one button, the series of inputs will increase by one with each use of the Wedding. The sequence of inputs remains the same until you make an incorrect input, which will reset the chain with a new sequence beginning with the next Wedding customer. The longer the sequence, the more profit is earned for a completed ceremony. With upgrades, certain milestones in the sequence will provide additional profit bonuses if the inputs are entered successfully.

Wedding Upgrades[edit | edit source]

Upgrades can be purchased with a Gold Star Sticker once the task has leveled up to an upgrade's corresponding number. Higher level upgrades often require a previous upgrade to be purchased as a prerequisite.

Wedding Upgrade A1.png

A Toast! - Offering the finest bubbly from the Champagne region of Space-France will increase profit by 75% after completing three successful inputs.

Wedding Upgrade A2.png

Let Them Eat Cake - Offering a delicious three-tiered cake will increase profit by an additional 75% after completing six successful inputs.

Wedding Upgrade A3.png

Love Doves - Releasing a bevy of space-doves is a time-honored wedding tradition and it will increase profit by 150% after completing nine successful inputs.

Wedding Upgrade C1.png

Batch Services - Broadcasting to all docks at once will allow you to officiate every customer’s wedding at the same time, but only if you successfully complete all inputs!

Wedding Lore[edit | edit source]

Drive-thru wedding services are all the rage in Space-Vegas. Inspired by a recent trip to the galaxy's gambling capital, Cosmo thought it would be a great idea to offer nuptial ceremonies at his Quickstop. With a few clicks and a donation of $25, Cosmo has registered Morvin with the Galactic Life Church, making him an ordained officiator of matrimony. For a nominal fee, customers can enter a legally binding agreement that allows them to file as a couple on their tax documents. Eager to extract more profits from this wholesome ritual, Cosmo charges extra for longer ceremonies, plus an invoice for any accoutrements such as champagne, cake or doves.